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<span>Let's make growth happen</span>

Career Path Let's make growth happen

It might be called a *job*, but WE think of every open role as an opportunity to step into a fulfilling, successful CAREER! At Sheetz, there’s no limit to the places you can go…err, grow!

Got Goalz? Let’s Crush ‘Em!

A lot of companies SAY they promote from within. At Sheetz, we’ve got the track record to prove it! Did you know that more than 90% of our store managers are promoted from within our company? When a role opens up, we always consider internal candidates who might be a fit!

Our goal here isn’t just to make a hire for a one-off job. We’re committed to helping you build the career of your dreams. This is accomplished through our development programs, educational opportunities, on-the-job experiences and strong leaders who pave the way by providing clear career path expectations.

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base / bonus
bennies / retirement
<strong>Store Team Member</strong>
<span>AVERAGE TOTAL</span> $49,000
<br><small><span>Base/Bonus</span> $31,500</br>
<span>Bennies/Retirement</span> $17,500</small> decor

Store Team Member AVERAGE TOTAL $49,000
Base/Bonus $31,500
Bennies/Retirement $17,500

Our Team Members serve as the bright, smiling faces of the company who keep our Freakz coming back for more! You’ll be in charge of providing fast and friendly service to our customers, preparing made-to-order® food in the kitchen, problem-solving and ensuring Total Customer Focus at the register, and maintaining the cleanliness of the store

<span>AVERAGE TOTAL</span> $58,000
<br><small><span>Base/Bonus</span> $39,000</br>
<span>Bennies/Retirement</span> $19,000</small> decor

Base/Bonus $39,000
Bennies/Retirement $19,000

Ready to put your expertise to use? Our Supervisors are valued members of our management team. They're responsible for prioritizing tasks and delegating effectively, as well as creating a positive work culture.

<strong>ASSISTANT MANAGER</strong>
<span>AVERAGE TOTAL</span> $82,000
<br><small><span>Base/Bonus</span> $58,500</br>
<span>Bennies/Retirement</span> $23,500</small> decor

Base/Bonus $58,500
Bennies/Retirement $23,500

Enjoy the in's-and-out's of operations and making plans for success? As an Assistant Manager you’ll work side-by-side with the Store Manager to help lead and manage the day-to-day store operations in their absence. You’ll also develop and maintain fully-staffed stores, encourage ongoing effective communication, provide feedback, and establish positive relationships between employees and within the community.

<strong>STORE MANAGER</strong>
<span>AVERAGE TOTAL</span> $131,000
<br><small><span>Base/Bonus</span> $100,500</br>
<span>Bennies/Retirement</span> $30,500</small> decor

Base/Bonus $100,500
Bennies/Retirement $30,500

Ready to sit in the driver's seat as the leader of an amazing group of store team members? Our Managers put their valuable skills to good use by running their very own store. You’ll create a customer-focused work environment, foster a team of high-performing employees, implement recognition for achievements and 'wins,' and engage within the community-- all while maximizing your store’s profitability!

<strong>DISTRICT MANAGER</strong>
<span>AVERAGE TOTAL</span> $226,500
<br><small><span>Base/Bonus</span> $182,500</br>
<span>Bennies/Retirement</span> $44,000</small> decor

Base/Bonus $182,500
Bennies/Retirement $44,000

We're known for hiring our corporate District Managers from internal employees who have experience as store team members, supervisors, assistant managers and managers! District Managers take leadership one step further and are entrusted with the entire operations of multiple stores, along with added benefits beyond the store level. Our need for district managers continues to expand as our company grows, so there is room for new faces in this club!

<strong>Regional Manager</strong> decor

Regional Manager

Our Regional Directors of Operations direct and assist our district management in always considering the big picture: our shared Sheetz mission, vision and values. They provide strong leadership, lead professional development, and serve as a connection point between our store operations employees and corporate departments. Success in this role also takes shape in the effective execution of store-related strategies and initiatives.

<strong>Beyond the Store</strong> decor

Beyond the Store

You might start your Sheetz career with the 4-walls of our stores, but your career opportunities within the company are endless if you develop the skills and desire to take your role to the next level.



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